In this episode of the Life of an Electrical Contractor, we have a special guest, Ron McKay. Ron is an innovative entrepreneur who has been on a rollercoaster ride of success and failure, but he has never given up. He is now revolutionizing the agriculture industry with his latest venture, Hammock Greens, which uses shipping containers to grow leafy greens in a sustainable and efficient way.

Ron started his career in the call center industry, building call centers across the Caribbean. He was approached with an offer to grow cannabis in the area using new hydroponic technology. The question of how to proceed in a legal and ethical way made it a poor fit for Ron, but he realized that he could grow basil and other leafy greens in the same manner, and with much fewer legal issues and red tape.

As a result, Ron founded Hammock Greens. His company is a game-changer in the agriculture industry. By using shipping containers, he can grow the same amount of produce as 30 acres of land in the space of a mobile home. This technology is not only sustainable but also helps to solve supply chain issues by putting the supply near the demand. What’s more, the small footprint makes it possible to have grow farms next to schools to provide fresh, healthy food at an extremely affordable price.

Hammock Greens is a unique and innovative solution to the challenges faced by the agriculture industry. With Ron McKay at the helm, this business model could be scaled easily, helping to make farming more sustainable, efficient, and profitable.

If you are interested in learning more about the cutting edge of AgTech and how to grow produce sustainably, efficiently, and profitably, this interview is a must-watch. Click on this link to hear our conversation and discover the future of agriculture.

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