This episode of Life of an Electrical Contractor is an interview I did with Alan Schutz. Schutz is an electrical contractor who specializes in LED lighting. In this interview, we discussed what customers expect from LED lighting, which can be a big investment, and sometimes takes getting used to, because LED is so much brighter than what they’ve been using for years.

LED lighting has such a long life that some contractors actually don’t tell their customers that they do it, because the contractor gets a predictable payday two or three times every year to change the bulbs, which they would have to give up if they install lights that can last for 15 years. But, a good contractor like me, or Alan, knows that by saving the customer money, you can develop a relationship with them that will far outweigh the quick payday, and lead to greater opportunities and references in the future.

Show notes

0:28 Our guest today is Alan Schutz, an expert on LED lighting
3:36 Why did Alan want to move into that world
4:07 Many customers don’t think about their lighting
6:30 The customer discounts the power of LED lighting to save money
9:18 What is the hangup for the end user to upgrade lighting?
12:35 Everybody gets used to new lighting
15:30 A story on a building that was way too dark
17:28 Retrofitting
20:00 What is the lifespan of a light fixture
24:01 Distributors need to go to the site to know the best way to upgrade
26:10 Should you tell your customer to upgrade if it means fewer repeat calls?
31:25 A customer who saves money can do more with that money
33:44 The future will have more energy efficient bulbs
34:55 What’s new in the commercial space?
39:42 Door frame kits
41:17 More about the removal of waste
44:53 solar lighting polls
52:18 Wrap up

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