This episode of Life of an Electrical Contractor is about success. As you go through school and in your first few years of your career, you might think that success means having a nice car, or a big house, but as you mature, you realize that success means different things to different people, at different times of your life. For me, the freedom to spend time with my children. But getting to success is never easy; there are no shortcuts.

Having a schedule, which has specific, achievable goals, will help develop the discipline to work hard every day. Ultimately, success is a feeling more than a finish line. Don’t define your success as making a certain amount of money or having a certain amount of business, but find joy in the journey. Your success will continue as long as you define success in your life in a way that is achievable.

Show notes

0:24 Welcome
0:35 What is success?
2:40 Success means something different to everyone at every point in their life
3:48 Chasing success
4:56 You determine your success
6:02 Is success the opposite of failure?
8:27 Acknowledging your current reality
11:10 Pay attention to your goal structure
13:40 The daily work is hard
14:25 Don’t be vague, be clear.
15:12 Create a schedule
15:50 Make it an intentional schedule
17:11 The schedule feeds you, then you feed it
19:45 Don’t put off happiness
20:34 You are the success
21:20 I spend time with my kids, and that is success for me
24:21 Rewards campaign
25:44 What is failure?
30:08 Recap – Success is a way of being
32:10 A project I’m putting together, wrap up

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