This episode of Life of an Electrical Contractor is more on mindset and life tips than about specifically working as an electrical contractor. Life is going to punch you in the face. That is as certain as death and taxes. The question is what you do about it.

Although you might think the best thing to do is to get right back up and go into the fight, often the right move is to slow down and reflect as to why you got knocked down. Those steps in between getting knocked down and getting back up will have a huge impact on whether you have better results the next time or you keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

Show notes

0:32 Adversity
2:10 If you fall down, get back up
3:45 Shit is going to go sideways, and there’s nothing you can do about it
4:45 Adversity hits…
5:08 Did you see it?
5:58 Why this is important
6:47 Scary storytelling
8:49 These things follow you around
10:25 Create a plan of action
11:22 why you need to slow down
14:43 The steps in between falling and getting up
16:08 Is this getting you closer to figuring out your situation?
16:48 Take action!
19:12 The boxer analogy
21:10 The game is only over when you choose not to get back up
25:05 Your biggest opportunity may be right where you are now

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