On this episode of Life of an Electrical Contractor, we go over some of the most frequently used words and terms you will use when negotiating, hiring, and letting a contractor to work for you. These terms include: licensed insured, bonded, experience, permit, honesty, safety, and value.

When you talk to a contractor, you must know that a contractor understands these terms and follows your directions safely and legally. When hiring a contractor, you should also understand the difference between price and value. Price is what you pay, value is what you get. Although we are sometimes the least expensive, often we are not. But to get the honesty and peace of mind that comes from knowing you hired the best person is always worth the price.

Show Notes:
0:29​ Current and future trends in the electrical industry
1:32​ Your electrical contractor needs to be licensed
2:45​ And the right experience as well
3:35​ Is the company insured?
4:40​ Types of insurance
6:08​ What is workman’s comp?
7:40​ What is umbrella insurance?
9:50​ What does “bonded” mean?
11:02​ Bonded work is not the same as a bonded company
12:42​ Does your electrician have specific experience that you need?
14:54​ What is a warranty?
18:30​ Does your work require a permit?
19:07​ Why you need a permit
20:41​ Why you need references
22:34​ My kitchen needed work
23:33​ Ask who is going to do the project
25:33​ Can you speak with the person honestly?
27:10​ Jobs will have setbacks
27:50​ Do they handle emergencies
29:29​ What is an active safety training program
30:39​ Toolbox talks
32:35​ How not to disrupt the ongoing production and scheduling
35:17​ And finally, price
37:39​ Value, to me, is trust
38:25​ Peace of mind is what gives value

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