This episode of Life of an Electrical Contractor is all about ladders and scissor lifts. If you want to get to a high place, these are the tools you’ll use to do it. And that’s what they are: tools. Any tool can be used safely or unsafely, and if you use any tool in an unsafe way, accidents are more likely to occur. In this episode, I explain when you would want to use either a ladder or scissor lift, and how to do it safely. More importantly, I warn against common mistakes and unsafe ways of doing things with these tools.

The safety features of scissor lifts are designed to mitigate damage, but they can’t protect you completely. Sure, falling 10 feet and being caught by a harness is better than dropping 50 feet, but you still might hit something that’s around you. If you are aware of the risks of using these tools, and take those precautions, your chances of an accident are much lower.

Show notes

0:16 Ladders and scissor lifts
1:05 Safety and accidents
2:12 People always use ladders. Should we?
2:40 Common reasons for accidents
3:35 Why ladder accidents are decreasing
4:53 Why do people use scissor lifts?
5:06 Tip-overs and falls
6:37 Why people misuse these tools
6:56 OSHA guidelines
8:15 Ladders are tools
9:09 3 points of contact
10:00 Don’t walk your ladder
11:37 A vertical rising platform on wheels
12:35 Pay attention to where you’ll be using a scissor lift
13:58 Fall protection
15:33 Why positioning matters
18:05 Just because you don’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not real
20:30 Be aware of these risks
21:33 Accidents happen
23:10 Wrap up

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