This episode is all about the dangers of accepting “good enough.” Many of us just keep going about our day thinking that because something works fine, that means it works. But when I come over, I sometimes see lights that are too dim to see properly, equipment that isn’t properly maintained, and dangerous conditions.

In addition, I also have found that some organizations don’t have properly trained personnel for the job. And we’re talking about equipment that costs 6 figures, and personnel that require many hours of training and have years of experience in other areas. So having equipment or people that are “good enough” can actually be costing you money every day. It really does pay to invest in quality.

Show notes

0:36 Is your team qualified?
1:50 Background and context
3:38 The importance of clarity
4:19 Is your building safe?
6:47 Maybe it’s “safe” because it’s working.
7:05 Mechanics and handymen
8:13 Does your equipment cost you money?
10:09 The responses to that question drive me crazy
11:16 “It’s working fine” doesn’t mean it’s working like it’s supposed to
13:08 Give the proper level of attention to these questions
13:34 Does this equipment make you money?
17:00 Why you need to protect and optimize your investments
20:15 Wrap up

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