On this episode of Life of an Electrical Contractor, I teach you how to make money on your lights. Yes, you really can make money on your lights. As Benjamin Franklin said, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” As good advice as that is for a person, in a business, every penny can be put right back in the business to make you more money.

Wouldn’t you love to have up to 75% of your light budget (plus the savings on not changing bulbs) in your pocket? To understand how LEDs are so efficient, I begin this episode with a primer on different types of bulbs that are used in commercial applications. As you will find, you may be wasting money that you thought you were saving when you have dead light bulbs. As you will see in this episode, it’s easier and cheaper to switch to LEDs than you might have thought, and you’ll be on your way to making more money in your business in less time.

Show notes

0:40 A no brainer: Who wants to make money
1:44 Do you want to make more money from your lighting?
3:55 Fluorescent lighting
6:34 HID Lighting
9:39 Where do you find these lights?
11:35 There are different colors and wattage
12:50 What is a ballast?
14:35 How to make money with what you already are using
17:14 How often are your lights on?
20:44 These lamps go out every now and then
21:30 The ballast uses electricity whether the light is on or not
23:10 LED: Light Emitting Diode. “Glowing computer chip.”
25:15 How will it make me money?
27:04 Generate revenue by lower energy consumption
30:35 2 year ROI
32:25 Lower OPEX means more money you can use to grow your business or save in the bank
36:12 State and local governments will give you incentives to change your bulbs
40:02 We’re ready to help you start making money

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