This episode of Life of an Electrical Contractor is about how to get paid. As a contractor, you may not be used to the idea of having to bill your client and fight to get your money, because when you’re an hourly wage worker you never have to think about it.

This episode details all the different ways you have to have your own books in order and the ways to bill your client and follow through with them in a professional manner. Unfortunately, not every bill will get paid, and you may have to take some legal action, or even take a loss and end your professional relationship with that client. This episode will teach you what you need to know to get the money that’s owed to you throughout your career.

Show notes

0:36 Getting paid
1:07 Getting paid is not so simple
2:11 How does any contractor get paid?
4:06 How to get paid after you’ve delivered
5:29 Billing
6:57 Descriptive work orders
8:16 Progress bills
9:33 Every month you have bills
11:22 Following up
14:17 “Did you get the bill, did you process it, did it get approved?”
16:32 A typical process that works
19:54 Do not overreact if you aren’t getting paid
20:43 Send all past due invoices to email as a follow up
21:49 Your paperwork must be in order
23:08 If you have to speak to an attorney
26:35 Construction lien
29:19 Why be concerned about ruining a relationship when one person is not holding up their end of the bargain?
29:53 Recap

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