This episode of Life of an Electrical Contractor is about questions. Some of us make a very big mistake by thinking that asking questions is bad. No! Asking questions is the way to get things right. If you simply assume the customer/contractor knows what you want, you are sure to miss important information, and the job will not be done to the customer’s satisfaction. The art of asking questions goes beyond being between a customer and a contractor, but also includes relating to your family and answering questions from your team members.

You have to have an environment that fosters asking and answering questions, which you create by asking questions yourself, and being genuine in the questions and answers. The goal is to have the other person not just have a question answered, but to understand and learn, so that in turn, that person can teach others.

Show notes

0:07 Practice of questioning
0:40 Why people don’t question
1:20 How to question: create the environment
4:30 Examples of questions
5:45 Trust creates an environment where you can ask questions
6:40 You have to ask questions to give the client permission to ask you questions
7:00 The art of questioning
7:12 Discussing the answers
8:51 Find new questions to ask
10:15 How to put it to use
11:21 Details can be missed if you don’t ask enough questions
13:42 Don’t BS
17:09 The goal is to have the other person learn
18:15 It isn’t as simple as I made it sound
19:10 Give these things a try
19:57 Wrap up

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