On this, the inaugural episode of Life of an Electrical Contractor, I introduce myself. I, Jose Moreno, have been in the electrical business since I graduated from high school. I studied a trade rather than go to college, and I began working for a contractor.

When the economy crashed in 2008, I was one of the many people who lost their jobs. I decided to double down on myself and become licensed as an electrician to run my own business. As it turned out, there was so much to learn that I hadn’t learned in school. By watching this show, you can see for yourself what some of those lessons are, and I encourage you to subscribe to this channel to learn them!

Show Notes:
0:29 Who am I
1:02 I am an immigrant
2:22 Why I became an electrician after high school
4:22 Why I started my own business at 18 years old
5:33 I thought about scale at a young age
6:24 I wanted to grow
8:05 I learned how to communicate with clients who aren’t tech-savvy
8:40 I was a young burnout
9:58 I had grown as much as I could have in that company
11:37 I was at a crossroads and I froze
12:25 I made the decision to get my license to own my own business
13:48 I knew I passed because I got a huge package in the mail
14:38 It’s just the beginning
16:00 I haven’t even mentioned the customers yet
17:00 I didn’t have the experience I thought I did.
18:15 My phone was my office
19:18 It truly was a hamster wheel because I wasn’t a leader
22:25 I decided that was I was doing wasn’t working, but being an electrician was still for me
24:10 The shift from homeowner to corporate world
26:23 Being in the field kept me from working
28:20 I can’t do everything
30:00 What I’ve left out
32:33 What my mother sacrificed for her children
35:00 Clarity on why

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