On this episode of Life of An Electrical Contractor, I explain what makes Gem Electrical Contracting (my company) different from the competition. It really comes down to three things: We care, we show up, and we get it done. In other words, from the first step to the last, we work with you to find what you need, then procure the necessary equipment, and then finish the job to your satisfaction.

A lot of contractors just do the minimum. We don’t just show up on business hours, we show up when you need us. When you need us most, we answer the phone. We don’t just do the job, we take care of the customer. and references in the future.

Show notes

0:35 How do I separate myself from other electrical contractors?
2:10 We care
3:24 We make mistakes, everybody does, but we care enough to have integrity
4:55 We show up.
6:32 We get it done
7:04 Getting done means meeting or surpassing your standards
9:36 From beginning to end, we know what it takes
11:27 This isn’t to make a list of my accolades
12:40 Are you, the customer, getting the best?
15:55 If you feel like it’s time to level up your company, send us a message
17:21 Wrap up

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