2023 is coming up fast. Did you hit your goals in 2022? Chances are, you didn’t. But don’t deny and don’t despair. You can take action now to make 2023 the year you accomplish your goals. Follow these steps to make 2023 the year you stop making excuses and start getting results.

Don’t rush to finish your goals, you won’t meet them now.

As the year comes to an end, you may panic and try to rush to do everything you thought you’d do on January 1st. It’s time to be honest with yourself: You won’t accomplish these goals. You had 45-50 weeks to do them, and you’re not going to do them in the last 2-5. To really set yourself up for success, you can’t just start on January 1st, you have to start planning your next year right now. 

Focus on why you didn’t accomplish your goals

Maybe you didn’t want it enough. Maybe made excuses. Maybe the goals weren’t that important, but you convinced yourself that they were. Take a look at your situation and become aware of what blocked you from achieving your goals and how you can fix them.

Don’t just plan, prepare.

Don’t just make plans. Get set up and ready to roll to get those goals done. Put the work in. Take a look at what you did accomplish and see how you can apply whatever you did with them to the goals you want to achieve. Give yourself a direction, but don’t just think but not act. 

You may not have everything together, but if you are clear on what you want, what kept you from your goals and how to address those obstacles, and take action. 2023 is coming regardless of whether you want it or not. You can make 2023 your best year, if you put the work in.


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