On this episode of Life on an Electrical Contractor, I share with you how to make a plan to succeed in 2023 by starting today. Average people make New Year’s Resolutions. But do you want to be average? No! You want to go above and beyond.

Go above and beyond by having a plan for 2023 now. Put yourself in the position to be ready, so when other people are reacting, you’ll already be in position to take advantage of opportunities that other people can’t see.

The fact is, 2023 is going to be a rough year. You can’t control the market. But what you can do is prepare, and find opportunities where other people are looking for excuses. Create a plan of action today, so you’ll be ahead of the game.

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, simple isn’t easy. Because doing something once can be simple. Doing something simple every day is not. Being able to have a plan that allows you to also be flexible is not easy. Finding opportunities is not easy. But it can be done.

Watch this video to learn how.

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