On episode 18 of Life of an Electrical Contractor, I explore the importance of taking vacations. I am fortunate to have the kind of job that I love. But I work very hard at that job, and it’s important to take time out away from your work to refresh yourself. Recently, I went on a two week vacation with my family to France. There are many lessons from this experience.

As an entrepreneur, all that hard work you are doing is in service of buying freedom. If you ever lose sight of that, your job becomes your jail. Take advantage of the benefits of the hard work you’ve put into your business by taking time out every once in a while to be physically and mentally present to somewhere other than work.

Many of the things that happened started out as bad experiences, then quickly turned into memorable moments that became the highlights of the trip. These moments are a good reminder of the importance of staying flexible rather than being attached to an outcome. The point is to have a good time, however that happens.

Watch the full episode to learn more about the funny stories on my vacation, and what lessons I learned and you can learn from them.

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